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A greener set.

The touring world creates mass waste with some sets being used for a matter of days before being scrapped. Whilst we aim to recycle any parts of an old set we can, we believe that considering rental can reduce waste and costs by a considerable amount 



We hold a large stock of staging on site, we use European standard LiteDeck and can provide rolling, static or custom solutions to support it. We also hold custom facias, steps and set pieces to further add to a fully reuseable and greener show. 


Hangman has had a specialist LED department for over 10 years and it's safe to say we know how to illuminate all things custom. We now also offer LED rental. our fully tourable systems come ready to fit into your set with easy setup and reliability in mind. 



With a long history of custom sets we hold many custom pieces, some of which can be changed in their design to work with your set. From giant hanging light shades to stage facia boards with LED surrounds. Let us know what you are looking for and we might even have something on the shelf that would work. 

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